UFO features

Surface and subsurface constraints GeoProcessor

1. Surface and subsurface constraints

UFO includes geoprocessing models to create surface constraints based on existing facilities, roads and pipelines; environmentally sensitive areas, rivers, ground slope and other sensitive parameters. UFO also computes subsurface restrictions based on existing wells and fractures.

Design multi-well PADs

2. Design multi-well PADs with both horizontal and vertical wells

Design multi-well PAD, with both vertical and horizontal wells. You can define the quantity of wells, wellhead spacing, horizontal length, fracking schema and other features. UFO will automatically compute the drilling cost and reserve acreage.

Optimization of Drainage Area

3. Acreage Optimization

Maximize acreage allocating PADs in the field while avoiding restrictions. Laboratory tests showed that the algorithm improves acreages up to 40%.

4. Fine tuning the Development Plan

UFO provides interactive tools that allow you to fine-tune the development plan:

  • Construct multi-well PADs from target points
  • Construct PAD from scratch
  • Rotate, move and delete PADs (automatically moves wellheads and trajectories)

5. Adjust facility location

The Edit Tool allows to move facilities within a design tolerance. UFO will automatically adjust wellhead and trajectories.

6. Cut and Fill Analysis

UFO includes cut and fill tools to minimize land movement in facilities.

7. Cost estimation

The price module exposes the project costs with charts, tables and maps.

8. Reserves Calculator

UFO computes added reserves based on acreage and oil/gas in place.

9. UFO 3D

UFO 3D module allows to render the field development plan.

10. Share Development plan

UFO designs can be shared with the organization through Microsoft SharePoint.


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