GIS2SAP application

Impronta’s GIS2SAP Geoprocessing Application (GIS2SAP for short) was built to help organizations to seamlessly synchronize Corporate Geodatabases with SAP’s GEO.e Synchronization Framework (GEO.e Sync). GIS2SAP detects new assets or changes in the Enterprise Geodatabase that have been defined as “relevant for GEO.e Sync” in a configuration table and inserts a synchronization message accordingly in GEO.e Sync.

GIS2SAP together with SAP’s GEO.e Sync Framework empowers the SAP Business Suite with GIS data. We are able to deploy GIS2SAP in a 4 week-project.

Impronta’s GIS2SAP tool and SAP’s GEO.e Sync Framework are also available for SAP’s new Geographical Enablement Framework (GEF).

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Unconventional Field Optimizator – UFO. A GIS application with and optimization algorithm for designing wells and facilities in unconventional fields. UFO is built upon ESRI’s ArcGIS technology and has the following capabilities::

  • Compute environmentally sensitive areas and subsurface restrictions
  • Design multi-well PAD, both vertical and horizontal
  • Maximize acreage
  • Pipeline allocation

Well Project Management

Well Project Management is a GIS-Web application that manages the entire life-cycle of wells: from geological prospecting and drilling until the start-up of production. WPM features include:

  • Locate prospected wells by coordinates
  • Calculate interference with other installations or sensitive areas
  • Easily share well drilling plan with other groups in the organization
  • Trigger alerts upon plan deviations
  • Create maps and reports

GeoMobile for Android

GeoMobile for Android allows you to take your technical information to the field. Using Tablets or Smartphones equiped with GPS you can create notes and take pictures and then automatically sync them back to the server. We include routing algorithms to find the optimal route between wells and facilities.
With GeoMobile, you can take into the field!



Private studies show that logistics management failures increase the extra costs in unconventional oil developments up to 15-30% . Fleet intensive management requires greater efficiency. Our GeoRouting solutions will decrease your water supply costs during the drilling and fracking stages.


Facility GeoLocator

Facility GeoLocator is a GIS application that allows to designing and locating facilities in the field. Facility GeoLocator includes:

  • Locate facilities in the field using coordinates or interactively on a map
  • Chose facility layout among different templates
  • Calculates optimum height to minimize soil movement
  • Computes soil cut and fill analysis
  • Create topographic profiles
  • Share new designs with the organization

Facility GeoLocator helps finding the optimum location of facilities, reducing site visits, and meaning cost saving for topography, soil movement and interferences.


IMPRONTA developed EngiNews: a corporate messaging and collaboration application that integrates the power of social networking with IT systems within your company. Built on the successful platform Microsoft SharePoint, EngiNews can integrate transactional systems with the power of social networks.

  • EngiNews engine automatically create social content using updates in the databases and legacy systems.
  • These social content is then enriched with location maps, graphics and images. Users can access the content in EngiNews Portal, a social network site with an agile, intuitive and friendly design.
  • EngiNews Subscriptions allows users to filter content to get just the information they are interested in. EngiNews Alerts can trigger e-mails and SMS after significant events, such as accidents or emergencies.

In short, EngiNews integrates your legacy systems with the power of social networking. While the experiences of collaboration are built through operational information, EngiNews promotes an operative culture in your organization which enhances its business processes and reduces costs. With EngiNews… collaboration is operational efficiency. Read more…

GIS + SharePoint WebParts

Our team has pioneered the integration of ESRI’s GIS technology with Microsoft SharePoint. By integrating the capabilities for document management, team management, calendar, collaboration, messaging and alerts of MS SharePoint with the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) we create real operative environments to improve our customers’ business processes. Some of the WebParts we developed include:

  • MyMaps: allows to render Geographic Information within the SharePoint portal.
  • MySearch: seamlessly integration on SharePoint search with ArcGIS Geocoding Services.
  • MyCharts: easily create charts related to geographic information.

GeoFields software

GeoFields provides proven data management solutions designed to meet the needs of unique data integration, analysis and regulatory compliance for the oil and gas pipeline industry. We are re-sellers of GeoFields Software in Argentina and we support users by providing services.

  • DataFrame™ Data Maintenance. Desktop management and editing of core pipeline data in ESRI’s ArcEditor. Perform operations such as reroutes, route refinements and adding new lines through approval-based workflows.
  • DataFrame™ ASG. Design and generate any type of pipeline sheet, including alignment, integrity and construction sheets. Create flexible, reusable templates configured to unlimited spatial data sources.
  • RiskFrame Modeler. Develop and run multiple standard or custom risk models with live access to native tabular and spatial datasets, integrated data processing and sophisticated drill-down reporting.
  • Facility Explorer. Interactive access and query for pipeline maps, data, documents and reports from anywhere in the organization. The glue for your disparate pipeline datasets.

EQuIS for ArcGIS

EarthSoft’s EQuIS for ArcGIS is an extension for ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo desktop applications. With EQuIS for ArcGIS, users can query, report and map the data managed by EQuIS, making it ideal for displaying and communicating the information of the project.
EQuIS for ArcGIS supports ArcMap Style gallery by providing a customizable EarthSoft style gallery, which is used when creating any of its automated map features, such as sample locations, color ramps, scale bars, etc.


The EQuIS for ArcGIS extension integrates the leading environmental software packages for specialized tasks. For instance, contours created using EQuIS for ArcGIS and Surfer are brought back into GIS, where they can be used in further analyses with output from other non-GIS applications, such as RockWorks for geologic cross-sections.

Environmental Information Management System

SIMA (Environmental Information Management System) is based on ArcGIS + Microsoft SharePoint.
It is a system for capturing and managing environmental information for the Natural Resources Industry (Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy and Infrastructure) used as a tool for analysis and reporting for the Company, Control Agencies and Communities.


Environmental Information System:

  • Emissions standards
  • Water, Air and Soil qualities
  • Waste management
  • Hydrogeological modeling
  • Use of cyanide
  • Biodiversity
  • Archaeology and Paleontology
  • Glaciers

Official Agencies

Official Agencies is a Web application that allows you configure and export your GIS data to Argentina’s Secretary of Energy’s Office and other agencies.

It includes an easy-to-use interface where you can easily generate rules to process your own GIS data and convert it to SEN required format. Official Agencies is ideal for those oil companies owning multiple oil fields, and they need to save time and effort when reporting activities to the SEN.



DSO/Upstream is an interactive software solution that brings a new level of efficiency and accountability to the development and management of complex well delivery schedules.


Designed specifically for rig scheduling in upstream operations, and configurable to meet the requirements of any organization, DSO/Upstream eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry and no-auditable collections of spreadsheets. Instead, the information of your lease, equipment, and exploration/production activities is centralized into a single database-based application accessible by multiple users.

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