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ArcGIS / SAP GEO.e integration using GIS2SAP

Impronta’s GIS2SAP Geoprocessing Application (GIS2SAP for short) was built to help organizations to seamlessly synchronize Corporate Geodatabases with SAP’s GEO.e Synchronization Framework (GEO.e Sync). GIS2SAP detects new assets or changes in the Enterprise Geodatabase that have been defined as “relevant for GEO.e Sync” in a configuration table and inserts a synchronization message accordingly in GEO.e Sync.

GIS2SAP together with SAP’s GEO.e Sync Framework empowers the SAP Business Suite with GIS data. We are able to deploy GIS2SAP in a 4 week-project.

Impronta’s GIS2SAP tool and SAP’s GEO.e Sync Framework are also available for SAP’s new Geographical Enablement Framework (GEF).

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