Need Maps in your SAP platform?

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Need Maps in your SAP platform?

Try Business Integration Map for SAP. BIM is a GIS application that enhances the ecosystem of SAP applications with all the power of geospatial technology.
BIM allows georeferencing notifications, work orders, crews, equipment and functional locations. It also has routing and logistics tools that allow you to plan the deployment of equipment and maintenance in the field.
BIM is built on the ESRI’s ArcGIS platform. It is currently available for SAP PM (Plant Maintenance SAP) and SAP MRS (Multiresource Scheduling).


BIM has a GIS Control Map, developed in JavaScript, that is embedded directly into SAP’s user interface providing a flexible and integrated experience to the user.














By implementing BIM for SAP your organization will be able:

  1. Simplify resource management processes, shortening cycle times.
  2. Reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Provide greater capacity for analysis and visibility.
  4. Improve the logistics of moving equipment and crews.
  5. Increase production efficiency through collaboration and communication.
  6. Reduce errors and downtime.

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