Corporate Social Network to improve operations

It integrates the power of social networking with IT systems within your company. Built on the successful platform Microsoft SharePoint, EngiNews can integrate transactional systems with the power of social networks.


Automatic news creation

EngiNews engine automatically create social content using updates in the database and legacy systems. These social content is then enriched with location maps, graphics and images. Users can access the content in the EngiNews Portal, a social network site of agile, intuitive and friendly design.


News subscription based on my interests

EngiNews Subscriptions allow registered users to filter content to get just the information they are interested in. EngiNews Alerts can trigger e-mails and SMS after significant events, such as accidents or emergencies.


Collaboration and Operative efficiency

While the experiences of collaboration are built through operational information, EngiNews promotes an operative culture in your organization which enhances its business processes and reduces costs.

Technical Specifications

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