Unconventional oil and gas Field Optimizator

UFO is… Unconventional Field Optimizator. A GIS Application with an optimization algorithm that allows to find the optimum location of surface facilities reporting significant savings in field visits, topography and soil movement.


Surface and subsurface constraints geoprocessor

UFO includes geoprocessing models to create surface constraints based on existing facilities, roads and pipelines; environmentally sensitive areas, rivers, ground slope and other sensitive parameters. UFO also computes subsurface restrictions based on existing wells and fractures.


Design multi-well PAD, with both vertical and horizontal wells

Design multi-well PAD, with both vertical and horizontal wells. You can define quantity of wells, wellhead spacing, horizontal length, fracking schema and other features. UFO will automatically compute the drilling cost and reserve acreage.


Acreage Optimization

Maximize acreage allocating PADs in the field while avoiding restrictions.

UFO System Requirements

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